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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Pilot Licences

                     PILOT'S LICENCES  

What types of helicopter licenses are available? 
Your very first Pilot's License has to be either a Recreational Pilot Permit or a Private Pilot's License. The latter can be upgraded (with experience and additional training) to a Commercial Pilot's License and then (with more experience and even more training) to an Airline Transport Pilot's License. 

Helicopters  Courses Offered---
 1. Commercial Licence
 For individuals who are looking to make a career out of flying in the aviation industry.
 2. Private Licence
 For individuals who have a passion for flying and wish to make their hobby a reality.

 3. Senior commercial pilot licence.

 4. Student navigator's licence.

 5. Flight navigator's licence.

 6. Flight radio telephone operator.
 7. Foreign Conversions
 For Private, or Commercial pilots from other countries wishing to convert their licence to a domestic  licence. 

 8. Night Rating
 For pilots who don’t want to be limited to daylight flying. 

 9. Type Ratings
 For pilots who are looking to expand their ability to fly different types of helicopters. 

 10. Recurrent Training
 For pilots to maintain the validity of their licence.

 11. Fixed Wing to Helicopter Conversions
 For fixed wing pilots who want to expand and diversify the category of aircraft they can fly.

 12. IFR Rating
 For pilots who wish to fly with sole reference to the instruments in the aircraft 



What is required for a Private Helicopter Pilot License? 
You must be 16 years or older to take the basic flying course for your private license. A university degree or high school certificate is NOT required. 
Prior to your first solo flight, you must pass a physical examination and produce a birth certificate. The wearing of eye glasses or certain other minor physical conditions are NOT considered handicaps. 
At the end of the course, students must write an examination and take a flight test with a Transport Inspector or, when designated by Transport, the DFTE (Designated Flight Testing Examiner). 

 What is required for a Commercial Helicopter Pilot License? 
You must be 18 years or older. 
You must have completed the following medical requirements in accordance with the Medical Standards for Civil Aviation Personnel Licensing and have received confirmation that you have passed: a. A medical examination conducted by a designated medical examiner within 12 months preceding the date of issue of the license if you are under 40 years of age, or within 6 months preceding the date of issue if you are 40 years of age or over; 

b. An electrocardiogram with the doctor's written evaluation completed within 24 months preceding the date of issue of the license if you are under 40 years of age, or within 12 months preceding the date of issue if you are 40 years of age or over; 

c. An audiogram completed during the five years preceding the date of issue of the license. 
You will require at least 100 hours of helicopter flight time, of which 35 hours must be solo (including 10 hours solo cross-country flight time). The remainder of the flight time is dual, of which 55 hours must be operational flying, 5 hours instrument flying, and 5 hours navigational training. 
You must pass a flight test with a Transport examiner, demonstrating your ability to fly a helicopter in all normal manoeuvres, including emergency procedures and autorotations. 
You must pass an oral examination which is conducted by an examiner before or after the flight test. 

What is required to get a helicopter endorsement on my commercial fixed-wing license? 

 You must achieve a minimum of 60% on a multiple-choice written exam, mainly on the helicopter theory of flight; 
You must have at least 60 hours of helicopter flight time, of which a minimum of 37 hours are dual (including 5 hours cross-country) and 23 hours are solo (including 2 hours cross-country); 
You must pass a flight test and ground school oral examination given by the examiner.

__ Flight navigator's licence??
No more in use
__ Student navigator's licence??
No more in use
__ Senior CPL (is it instructor)
No more in use

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Friday, 9 May 2014

Pilot's Log Book


       As in Aeronautic term LOG is a detailed and written record of a voyage of an Aircraft. And the Book in which these records are made is LOG BOOK.In addition, aviation is a self-motivating field in which log book make us keep a view on our previous records which motivate us to put more efforts and achieve the best.      
A Flight or Pilot's Log Book is required keep track of one's flying experience in an organized way. With a Pilot Logbook, an aviator can record his or her flight time, flight type, departure point, destination, VFR or IFR information and much more.
For student Pilots, a Pilot's Log Book is essential for success. Without the proper logbook, it can be difficult to receive one's Private Pilot License (PPL). All flight examiners require proper documentation of previous experience prior to issuing a PPL license.

      For experienced Pilots, a traditional log book may be cumbersome. Since a flight log book provides solid documentation of a Pilot's experience, it's essential to make sure it's current. 

      But if a logbook is lost, a Commercial or Professional Pilot may not have any proof of his or her flying experience.Here there is an option of DIGITAL FLIGHT LOG.
      Why one should use ELECTRONIC Pilot's Log Book ???
      Reasons to switch it....
      1) It's possible to quickly and easily log flight information. In addition, Pilots can make instant backups of their digital flight logs to protect against loss.
      2) No need to carry around a heavy logbook , just tap some basic data into your favourite log book app after the flight and you are done.
      3) Access your log book from anywhere using either a browser or a mobile app.
      4) In these manner convenience, backup, reporting, multimedia and a smart way to go....
      Hence there is no denying to talk ""HARDWORK WITH FULL ENJOYMENT""

Kindly have a resolve to the questionnaire...

The Terms :-

           1) Operating capacity of Pilot.

These operations include all those activities that involve or support the actual operating of an Aircraft. These activities do not include the airworthiness activities that support the equipment itself.

P1 Captain or Pilot In Command
P2 Co Pilot
P3 Trainee Pilot

P1 US  Pilot In Command Under Supervision 

           2)Recreational Pilot.
Recreational Pilot is one who fly for Hobby or for fun.

           3)Total brought forward and total carried forward. 
No of Flight Hrs Till Last Page and No of Flight Hrs Till this Page and 

           4)What is called Spreadsheet ? How does it differ from Log Book? 
An Spreadsheet is also an ELECTRONIC  Log Book only in a Excel Formate 

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