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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Your Responsbilities Once Recruited As A Cabin Crew Member

Once you have been successfully accepted by an airline to work as a cabin crew member you will have to complete a mandatory 4-6 week training course which is governed by the Civil Aviation Authority and the European Joint Aviation Authorities. 

This training course is called SEP (Safety & Emergency Procedures) the SEP training is paid for by the airline plus you will also get your first month’s wages. During this time you will be trained on:

Aircraft Evacuation
Ditching (landing on water)
Fire Fighting
Passenger Management
Security Related Issues
Extraordinary Situations
First Aid

Some of this training can be conducted within different simulators to practice the drills and procedures needed to deal with different types of emergencies. Because this training is extremely expensive it is only offered to people recruited as cabin crew, however there are airline recognised training courses available which would give you an excellent insight into what you can expect.

 For more information please see details of our Cabin Crew Training Programme. Once you have successfully completed the SEP training you will then be put on a probationary period from 3 to 6 months where your performance will be assessed by senior cabin crew and airline trainers. Also every cabin crew member has to undergo recurrent training every 12 months and be re-tested.

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